Brittney Nolan

Brittney grew up in a small town in Northwest Ohio. Music has always been a love of hers. She was influenced to begin playing an instrument by being surrounded by those who were gifted at playing their own. She had a friend who could bring his saxophone to life each time he played. Ashley, her sister also influenced her. She played the clarinet quite well even though she was hearing impaired. Her father and mother played instruments as well.

The flute seemed to intrigue herů its soundů she loved its sound. When she was old enough, she borrowed a flute from a friend to begin playing and learning, and it wasn't long before she had to have one of her own. Brittney now has several flutes and piccolos. She began lessons on the flute when she was in 8th grade. Brittney later joined the Ottawa Hills Flute Choir and stayed with them until her graduation from Clay High School. They played at various Country Clubs, Churches, and even the Toledo Museum of Art. She has also performed privately for events when asked.

Brittney has earned special awards for her flute performance such as: The John Phillip Sousa Award, the Charles Neal Award/Scholarship, and Solo Ensemble Awards of Excellence over many years through the Clay High School Band.

The Piccolo, the Saxophone, and a hint of keyboard are other instruments Brittney can play.
Brian Strong

Brian, became interested in the piano as soon as he could climb up on the piano bench, and at age seven he began his classical training. Afterwards his varied musical interests led him through numerous genres of musical groups from Rock, to Country, to Pop, back to Classical, and then to Contemporary Christian music.

In the Christian music areana he performed at festivals such as the Oikos Habitat for Humanity Festival and Encounter Christian Festival. After moving to Nashville he began writing for his debut cd "Lessons To Learn". That cd has been played on numerous stations globally including stations in Australia, New South Wales, Africa, Central America, Philippines, Guam, England, Scotland, and Ireland. It also eventually came to win Top Ten recognition in the "Genesis Nationwide Talent Search" in the U.S.

He has dedicated himself to learning new acoustic instruments (the instruments aren't new, they're just new to him) including low whistle (popularized on the later bass version of the Andy Griffith show), fiddle (popularized by somebody on a roof), and other acoustic instruments that he takes interest in (possibly spoons and sports cards in bicycle spokes are next).